2018 Midterm Elections

A follow-up of the 2016 Presidential Election project by Splunk

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The Story

Mid-term elections in the United States are frequently contentious and competitive battles for control of the Senate and House of Representatives. The influence of money has always been controversial – who and where the money comes from, how and where the money is spent, who benefits from that spending – but the local nature of House races show very clearly the influence of funds to districts, candidates ,and races that are strategic to both parties.

While the cost of running these campaigns increases with each passing year, landmark decisions such as Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission decision in 2010 have accelerated independent spending by so-called “Super PACs” – with no reporting on who or where that money comes from.

Patterns in the funding show that senate races in Florida, Missouri, Nevada, Wisconsin and West Virginia were especially contentious – with more than $78 million in independent spending. House races in California, Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania were likewise competitive seats, attracting more than $69 million in independent spending.

So how is money being spent by these Super PACs? Where are they directing these dollars? How are dollars being spent both for AND against candidates in these key districts and races? Thanks to open data from the Federal Elections Commission and the power of Splunk, now you can investigate.

The Data

Modifying the filters below affect both charts. "D" = direct donations and "I" = indirect donations.

Direct Donations: Individual Contributions ( total)

Shows up to the top 30 candidates. "H" = House and "S" = Senate.

Indirect Donations: (Super) PAC Contributions ( total)

Shows up to the top 30 committees and 10 candidates. "H" = House and "S" = Senate.

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